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Camera SLR Body Lens Cleaning Kit
Camera SLR Body Lens Cleaning Kit
Camera SLR Body Lens Cleaning Kit
Camera SLR Body Lens Cleaning Kit
Camera SLR Body Lens Cleaning Kit
Camera SLR Body Lens Cleaning Kit

Camera SLR Body Lens Cleaning Kit

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Lens Cleaning Pen
Safe for all lenses,inclunding multi-coated surfaces.
Unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out
Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
The remarkable cleaning compound removes fingerprints,sumdges, grease marks with ease.
 Camera Lens Dust Blower
This Dust blower effectively"brushes" away unwanted dust from your sensors,lenses,
or other sensitive equipment with a powerful blast or clean air.
blower tool dust remover has air inlet valve design prevents air
Stream air tube Detachable super air stream air tube
Safe for lenses, including multi-Coated Surfaces
Environmentally friendly
Perfect for keeping your camera clean
Safe for all lenses and surfaces
Cleaning Cloth For Camera Lens Filter LCD Glass
It doesn't shed pieces of thread very easily. It is what most lens-cleaning cloths are made of.
Made of Microfibre fabric with Elasticity
Can use this lint-free glass cloth for cleaning lenses
Eliminating dust and removing oil
Debris and fingerprints from camera lens, eyeglasses or LCD screens Can be washable
 Compatible with:  
1, double carbon head lens pen: one side is a brush, you can clean the lens gap and UV
The dust on the mirror, the other end is the carbon head, it is a double carbon head, one big one
Small, small can clean small digital camera, big head can clean SLR
Head, two-shot, the lens pen clean fingerprint and Water stain effect!(Note that it must be a dry surface, not wet, and it is best not to useLens pen wipe UV mirror)
2, air blowing: this needless to say, commonly used things, with gray first gasBlowing, can' t get rid of other ways, use a wide range of cameras, mirrors Head, keyboard, etc.
3, magic cloth: This use is also very large, wipe the LCD screen, UV mirror, body,Wait, you can't live ! the without IT
Instructions for use:
 1: the use of Convenient A, Freely Stretchable to the Clear Brush at The Tiny Dust Particles ON at The Lens Surface.
 2: Remove the cap and use a unique, soft cleaning tip to make a circular sweep on the surface to be cleaned. If some dirt
If it has been too hard for a long time, please gently exhale on the screen (or the lens glass Surface) The REPEAT and the then cleaning.step.
. 3: Back of Put The CAP over Tip and Cleaning The Rotate A Half Turn IT CAN complement of The CAP Rotating Special Cleaning The PAD (Substance)..
of The items are Specially the Designed for Optical Lenses, Please Them not use Wet ON do Surfaces.
 Package Penalty for the include:
1 Cleaning the X-LENS PEN
1 the X-Lens Dust Blower
1 the X-Cleaning the Cloth

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