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HM1000 Wireless 4.1 Stereo Earphone  For Samsung
HM1000 Wireless 4.1 Stereo Earphone  For Samsung
HM1000 Wireless 4.1 Stereo Earphone  For Samsung
HM1000 Wireless 4.1 Stereo Earphone  For Samsung
HM1000 Wireless 4.1 Stereo Earphone  For Samsung

HM1000 Wireless 4.1 Stereo Earphone For Samsung

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Product specifications:
Maximum talk time: 7 hours
Maximum standby time: 6 days
Charging batteries
The battery must be filled before the first use
1. Connect the charger cable to the charging jack on the headset.
2. Plug the charger into the power outlet.
3. The indicator class displays red when charging, and the red light goes out when fully charged.
4. Separate the charger from the headset and the power outlet.
5. Or slide the headset into the charging stand, the indicator light will turn red, and the red light will go out when fully charged.
6. Remove the headset from the cradle.
Switching machine ON/OFF
1. Power on: Turn on one button until it flashes blue. At the same time
2. Shutdown: Shut down with one button until it flashes red. At the same time, the headset prompts that Bluetooth is off
Bluetooth and mobile phone connection
1. Turn on the headset, in standby mode.
2. Set the phone to search for Bluetooth devices.
3. When the phone searches for a headset, find the headset to determine the headset.
4. According to the phone prompt
5. If the pairing is unsuccessful, repeat the operation and only need to pair once.
6. If the pairing is successful, the indicator will flash blue, and you can dial/accept the call in standby mode or ready state.
*High-fidelity sound quality and voice quality
Bluetooth 3.0 version for easy and secure pairing
*Feel free to speak while driving, working or walking.
*Let you enjoy all the convenience of hands-free calling. It has no complicated features and the installation is very simple and fast.
*This version is a stereo channel, using digital signal noise reduction technology, with Bluetooth  making signal transmission more stable, call and listen to songs clear and no noise, let you enjoy the unprecedented comfort brought by hands-free calls
1. Sound quality upgrade! Easy to operate
2. It will be very uncomfortable to solve the problem with long ears! For different ears, a good designer, to ensure the comfort of the ear, is made of thin materials.
3. Connect two mobile phones at the same time, great sound quality
*The latest HM1100 stereo Bluetooth headset Super sound quality (dual microphone HD HD noise reduction)
*This HM1100 Bluetooth noise reduction answering, support any key answering, effective connection with the smart phone, automatic matching connection program, charging to maintain the connection state.
* Isolated voice, HD call: The sound frequency is recognized by the intelligent control chip, and the reverse signal is generated to filter out external noise (noise and wind) in the non-human frequency range. Enable HD calls in any noisy environment.

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