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Damaged Screw Extractor Bolt Tool
Damaged Screw Extractor Bolt Tool
Damaged Screw Extractor Bolt Tool
Damaged Screw Extractor Bolt Tool
Damaged Screw Extractor Bolt Tool
Damaged Screw Extractor Bolt Tool

Damaged Screw Extractor Bolt Tool

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Brand New And High Quality
Fast, Convenient, Disassemble Screws, Tacks.
And Speed Can Be Changed In The Opposite Direction Of Rotation Of The Drill In Conjunction.
1set (4pcs) Headed Remove The Screw Breakage, Also Known As Double-Headed Screw Extractor Decapitated.

Uses: Special Tools For Removing The Wood In The Head Has Been Broken Wood Screws, Stud In To Give A Head Wood Screws Drilled, Easy To Use To Take Another Head Screws.
Material: Steel + Plastic Box
Color: As The Picture Shown
size: 1#,2#,3#,4#
1. Remove broken screw in the wood, a head drill wood screw hole firstly, then use another head take screws.
2. If you've ever stripped a screw or broken off the head of a bolt, you know how frustrating that can be. Well, not anymore. Introducing the damaged screw and bolt remover. With Screw Remover , you can easily remove any stripped Screw in ten seconds or less. You'll never again be slowed down or frustrated by a stripped screw or broken bolt. If you can use a drill, you can use the Screw Remover . In fact, this patented process works so well it can Even remove stubborn deck screws out of redwood. Even if you break off the entire head of a screw or bolt, you can still extract it right out. No problem. Made with Durable Hardened Steel and is reusable! Great for: Contractors, Carpenters, ! Handymen, the Do-IT-yourselfers, Great Works for Anyone with the ANY Screw or Bolt size of the ANY It IS SO the Simple, Anyone use CAN IT!!
Insert GRABIT directly into drill or quick-change chuck-Burnishing end is showing
Set drill for reverse (counter clock wise).
Place Burnishing end of tool into damaged screw, slowly clean inside screw head until smooth. Note: Burnishing tool end in not to Be used to drill a hole.
Reverse Burning end from chuck, flip tool, replace into drill chuck-Remover end now showing.
Maintain reverse setting (counterclockwise).
Place Remover end of tool into now smooth screw head.
Apply firm downward pressure, drill at slow speed. Apply Lowest level of power to the hand drill.
Remover end will thread into screw head and remove

Package Includes:
1 Set(4pcs) Damage Screw Extractor
Have Box Packed Safely in Bubble Bag

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